Privacy Policy
Hertz Technology collects the following types of data:
  • Event Log (Creating, Deleting, Editing, Destroying)
  • Account Log (Registering, Deleting, Account Type Converting)
  • Product Details (IP, MAC)
  • Analytics Data (IP, UA, URL, Parameter)
  • UGC Data (Ticket Content, Cert Details)
  • Authorization (Telegram Account Details)
Hertz Technology itself is 100% running on AWS, the data may be saved on different products in different forms (AWS CloudWatch, AWS DynamoDB), and may be saved and transferred across different AWS Regions, mainly us-west-2 & eu-west-2.
Your disk files are saved in the server location, that depends on the product you chose, and may be read by the provider. Your network traffic may be also monitored by the provider. That complies with the provider privacy policy, which is not controlled by us.
Product Provider:
    • Compute: Hetzner
    • Network: vServer & Hetzner
  • 2021-EQ-HK-BGP-VM-FREE: Nexet Limited
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